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January 1, 2016

about the work

Color excites me. Nature calms me. The city makes be vibrate. Pastels are intense and immediate, and I love making messes with them.

Master Pastellist member of the Pastel Society of America. Gallery representation in NYC; Charlotte, NC; Piermont, NY; Bridgehampton, NY; Brooklyn, NY; Englewood, NJ and Stone Harbor, NJ. Shown at the NY Armory.

See my fine art sites at for more pastels and for affordable portrait drawings.

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October 22, 2014

rolling gold

Contrast and color make my day.

Lisa Diller-Marylandroad


Golden Hour_Diller


October 3, 2014

lakes & beaches

I am a water child. Happiest when near it.

Lisa Diller-Augustine Autumn reflections_Diller

DSC02186 DSC00933

Lisa Diller-waterlily LisaDiller_LakeW

July 10, 2014


Urban landscapes from my hood. Inspired by bumpy bike rides over cobbled streets.

LisaDiller_BQE LisaDillerBrooklyncranes

LisaDiller_streelight LisaDiller_2cranes




May 14, 2014


I became a little obsessed with the incredible artistry of Parisian pastries and decided to do a series on food. I just wanted them to last longer than they do.

LisaDiller–chocolate&vanilla LisaDiller_cassis

LisaDiller_Framboise LisaDiller_cafe


May 5, 2014


From my first painting trip to Provence. All pastels done on site.

Lavender at Valensole Luberon

Provence Red field Provence_light gold field

Provence Cypress

February 11, 2014


It’s not easy to paint on a boat, but it’s worth it. The colors on the water are insane. I had to buy new pastels when I got home to make more.



November 13, 2013


Spent time here and in the Loire Valley. When I wasn’t tasting the best white wines in the world, I was out in the fields. Most of my work is done on a colored sanded ground.

Burgundy field w olivesBurgundy3


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